League Policies

  • Conditions of Participation

    As a condition for your child's participation in any Midwest Swagger Football, LLC program, you must read, understand, follow and electronic... More
  • Assumptions of Risks

    Injuries to participants in any Midwest Swagger Football, LLC program may occur from risks inherent in the sports or activity; from placing stre... More
  • Instructions

    I have discussed with my child to obey all directions of the instructors, coaches and personnel in charge of any Midwest Swagger Football, LLC s... More
  • Medical Authorization

    In the case of an accident or illness, I authorize Midwest Swagger Football, LLC, it's staff and volunteers to provide medical treatment for... More
  • Release of Photography and Social Media Policy

    My child may be photographed  (stills or video) for Midwest Swagger Football, LLC, AWP Sports, and any event associated with Midwest Swagger Foo... More
  • Communication Policy

    Midwest Swagger Football, LLC communicates in various forms including but not limited to email, text, phone, US Mail and social media. You agree... More